About BIA


Mission of the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville (BIA)

The Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville (BIA) is the voice of the building industry – with advocacy, member services, professional standards and signature events.

About the BIA

From our first meeting in 1946 including 18 people, the BIA has grown to the second largest association by members. The BIA of Greater Louisville now includes more than 2,000 member companies. From residential and commercial building, to product development, to the services and sales industry. Our members include residential and commercial construction, and remodeling and home improvement businesses in Jefferson, Oldham, Bullitt, Shelby, Trimble, Henry and Spencer County. Banks, loan institutions, engineers, designers, landscapers, and more comprise the associate membership of the BIA. 

The BIA concerns itself with:

  • Single family home construction
  • Land development
  • Condominium and multi-family construction
  • Remodeling of existing property
  • Sales and marketing of new homes
  • Community projects
  • Governmental affairs
  • Related building and housing activities

Within the past six years, we have developed the Commercial Council which has expanded our advocacy work to serve commercial, retail, and industrial developers, primarily in Jefferson County.

What The BIA Does

The Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville is a local chapter of the National Association of Home Builders. Members at the local Association are also members of and receive benefits from the Home Builders Association of Kentucky (state) and National Association of Home Builders organizations.

In addition, the BIA also serves the public as a referral agency on behalf of the industry. We communicate data on building permit activity, publish periodicals detailing how to choose a builder or remodeler. Our staff directly advises the public about the membership status of companies or individuals. The BIA makes use of all media resources to communicate our message – including radio, television, newspaper and magazine advertising which encourages the home buying public to do business with a member.

We are an important part of the community we serve, because of our access to these resources. In the BIA’s continuing efforts to promote its principals and ideals, we involve ourselves in many programs, activities and services that benefit our members and the citizens of the entire Louisville metro area.

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