Bruce Ucan, Chef of Mayan Cafe

There is no doubt that Greater Louisville is a foodie’s town. The area’s dining scene has been celebrated in both Zagat’s Restaurant Reviews and Southern Living Magazine, and several of the area’s chefs have been invited to the prestigious James Beard House in New York City, where preparing a five-course meal is the culinary world’s equivalent of a Broadway debut.

Bruce Ucan, owner and chef of the Mayan Café, says Greater Louisville chefs have a high standard to maintain because local diners tend to embrace adventurous cuisine. “Everything has kind of exploded in the last 10 years,” Ucan explains. “It is not only with the ethnic restaurants, but we have great Vietnamese and Middle Eastern food. There are also new concepts like Decca or Game (where you can get unusual meat like a Kangaroo Burger). I think the people in Louisville are willing to try new concepts and that inspires me and the other chefs in the city.”

“With so many different palettes to please, it seems any good cook can find their niche in Greater Louisville.”
– Bruce Ucan, Chef of Mayan Cafe

That urge to try new concepts extends beyond fine dining. Louisville is the city that developed fast chain restaurants like Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Papa Johns Pizza. The area also has fine tradition of great Southern home cooking. Louisville is after all the home of the Hot Brown and Benedictine.

With so many different palettes to please, it seems any good cook can find their niche in Greater Louisville. Ucan says the key to success in the restaurant industry is consistency and a commitment to quality. Below are a few of the establishments the city has to offer. Check the websites of some of our partners for a most extensive list.

Forget the Dishes and Eat Out on the Town ..

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll want to sample while making Greater Louisville your new home. There are many more restaurants that offer wonderful dining options.  The ones listed here are some local favorites, but the Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau has an extensive list offered in partnership with Food and Dining magazine that can satisfy most any appetite.  For more information, visit gotolouisville.com. Additional restaurant resources include louisvillehotbytes.com and louisvillediner.com.

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