April SMC Meeting

The Sales and Marketing Council hosted their April meeting on the Rock Springs Homearama site. Attendees gathered on the active construction site so that everyone could observe the construction techniques implemented thus far in the home being built by Pat Durham, Pat Durham Builder. Several HBAL members helped to present the program, which was titled “the nuts and bolts basics of new construction.” Our guest speakers were Paul Miele of K/I Lumber, who spoke about the new technology found in today’s lumber. Shawn Purcell of MetroFirst, an energy rater, who spoke about the new LG&E Energy Savings New Homes Program and what it means to today’s buyers and energy efficiency. He also spoke about some of the new methods of insulation found in today’s homes. We also heard from Homearama interior designer, Natalie Officer, of The Simple Stager, who spoke about how a Homearama home can be designed to represent a buyer, as well as show-off the best attributes of a home. She also spoke about timing of getting involved in the purchase of a Homearama home and when a buyer can influence the decorating decisions.

We chose to host the event on an active construction site because we wanted Realtors and members to be more comfortable around new construction and understand the basics of what goes into new home construction today. Our goal was to emphasize how much more advanced today’s construction is compared to used or existing homes. We offered a hand-out that displayed a new home cut-away with terminology and definitions of various aspects of ingredients of what is found in home construction, ie. rafters, ridge beams, stud walls, foundation footings, etc.

The event was sponsored by Century Mortgage and Carpet Specialists. The next SMC event will take place on June 14th at 9:00 am at the Rock Springs Homearama site.