Realtors Open House Guidelines | 5/27/2020

It was announced at last Thursday’s Kentucky Real Estate Commission meeting that Realtor Open Houses could resume on a limited basis starting Friday – May 22.  These requirements mean adhering to the newest Healthy at Work Memorandum guidelines Kentucky has … Continue reading →

5/8/2020 | BIA COVID-19 UPDATE

5/8/2020 – The Governor has provided several important dates for reopening Kentucky’s businesses. For your convenience we’ve listed them below.    May 11 – Manufacturing, Construction, vehicle/vessel dealerships, office based businesses (50%), horse racing and dog grooming and boarding may resume. To … Continue reading →

5/5/2020 | BIA COVID-19 UPDATE

5/5/2020 – Governor Beshear released more details on reopening Kentucky businesses. There are minimum requirements for business that have been operating and will continue to operate and there are additional industry specific requirements that we must adhere to in order … Continue reading →

5/1/2020 | BIA COVID-19 UPDATE

5/1/2020 – By now you’ve seen or heard the Governor’s 10 rules for reopening businesses this month. Several industries are allowed to reopen although it won’t be business as usual. The Governor’s Healthy at Work plan includes requirements such as … Continue reading →

4/28/2020 | BIA COVID-19 UPDATE

4/28/2020 – Yesterday evening Governor Beshear detailed how the health care industry would reopen. The briefing provided important dates on when each phase of reopening and information on what was expected during each one of those phases.   He also … Continue reading →

NAHB Safety Guide

UPDATED NAHB SAFETY GUIDE – The Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC) has published important updates to its guidance for construction employers, employees and contractors on coronavirus exposure prevention, preparedness and response. NAHB is a key member of CISC. The Coronavirus Preparedness and … Continue reading →

BIA COVID-19 UPDATE | 4/24/20

We have all been busy this past week working to adjust to this “new normal.” That takes a lot of time, a lot of energy, and a lot of financial resources. Finding masks, cleaning products, dealing with scheduling, and just … Continue reading →

Healthy at Work: How we Reopen our Economy

To ensure the health and safety of Kentucky families, Governor Beshear urges Kentuckians to remain Healthy at Home and follow the federal and state protocols for limiting the spread of COVID-19, which can be found at However, Kentucky families and … Continue reading →

BIA COVID-19 Update | 4/20/2020

Last week we received the President’s guidelines to reopen the country and get the economy moving again. It is a phased approach that requires states to achieve certain benchmarks in order to move on to the next phase. In order to … Continue reading →

Opening Up America Again

Yesterday the President announced the “Opening Up America Again” guidelines to get our economy moving again. The guidelines will help state and local governments reopen “their economies, get people back to work, and continue to protect American lives.” See the … Continue reading →