BIA COVID-19 Afternoon Update | 3/19/2020

Good Afternoon BIA Members,

We’ve nearly made it through a roller coaster week. I have been in regular contact with our members, and in many cases we are busy. BIA is working on your behalf to make sure you can keep you business open and keep your projects moving forward. If you encounter an issue on site or hear something that you need verified please do not hesitate to contact me.

We are here to help.

Stay safe and healthy,


502 458 0032 – cell


Thoughts from David W. Hobbs, President/CEO River City Bank

The first part of 2020 will always be a time to be remembered as we as a Country face an unknown virus known as COVID-19. This Country has been through many trying times and has faced and conquered adversity many times in the past. This situation is no different!

The Banking community is as strong as it has ever been. Banks are maintaining capital levels far in excess of the required minimum. Over the next few days, most Banks will shift to drive thru only operations. River City Bank will do this effective March 19th. This is only being done to insure the health of our employees and our customers. River City Bank is still lending and will continue to work hand-n-hand with the BIA and its builder members. River City Bank, as a corporate sponsor, not only believes in financially supporting the efforts of the BIA but is fully committed to its membership and their financial needs.

Just my thoughts!

David W. Hobbs


River City Bank

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