BIA COVID-19 Afternoon Update | 3/30/2020

I am struggling with accepting how quickly so many things can change. 
Normally, during this week, I’d be on a beach in Destin with my family and several of our friends. With everything that has happened in the past three weeks, I’m trying to figure out what is in the CARES act that impacts your business, when we’ll be able to host BIA events and educational courses again and wondering if my kids will ever go back to school. 
I’ve got a lot of questions – and so do you. We’re trying to answer them all and we’re trying to provide you with the most honest, up to date resources possible. 
We’ve had lots of questions about employee issues. We’ve included some links below on employee rights, FMLA, and paid sick leave.
We’ve also had questions about the Department of Homeland Security’s designation of construction as essential and how that impacts us locally. While the designation is helpful, please know that local and state governments can still create their own rules.
We’ve also been asked about what we need to do on job sites to be safe. Keep practicing safe social distancing, provide hand sanitizer and a place to wash your hands, prohibit anyone that is sick from entering the site, wipe down the site regularly, and limit personal contact. Post signage indicating all of these requirements on each and every job site.
I’ve been asked how long this will last. I wish I knew.
Be safe out there,
Juva Barber
BIA of Greater Louisville
502 458 0032 – mobile
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