I am sure you are all tired of me reminding you daily to socially distance, wash your hands, stagger sub-contractors, keep sick people off the job, contact your banker, apply for the PPP or EIDL loans, and post signage on your jobsites.
I don’t blame you if you are. This experience has rattled nearly all of us – making us question the strength of our business, the strength of our economy, and our own health and welfare.
So much of our focus has been on our response to COVID-19 that it is easy to forget about some other important issues.
As you know, Louisville Metro Council is resuming their regular meetings. Several members will join virtually while others will physically be present at City Hall. Tonight, April 9, Metro Council will be meeting at 6:00 pm (to watch click here) with a lengthy agenda (click here to download the agenda).
The agenda includes the revisions to Metro’s tree canopy requirements, which we’ve discussed for the past year. I’ve been told that this will not be brought up tonight – but I’ll be watching to make sure and I will update you tomorrow.
This version of the tree canopy is not perfect, but it does include several of the items we have supported including an achievable spacing for street trees and 100% credit for any trees planted. 
Metro is also holding other public meetings virtually including BOZA. A full list of the Metro Council meetings and many of the agendas click here.
I have spoken with several of you about the need for a solution to the required neighborhood meetings. I’ve discussed some potential solutions with members and with Metro employees but at this point in time none have been accepted.
At the BIA, we’re still working for you – and not just on issues related to COVID-19.
If you have an issue or question that we’ve not addressed, please let me know and we’ll make every effort to respond.
Be safe,
Juva Barber
BIA of Greater Louisville
502 458 0032 – mobile
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