BIA COVID-19 Daily Update | 4/10/2020

It’s Friday. We made it through another week in what seems to be our new normal. 
Since this is our new normal, several government entities have already or are in the process of making changes so they can continue to perform many of the services required in their offices.
Last night, Louisville Metro Council held a combined virtual and in person meeting. They did not take up the proposed changes to the tree canopy requirement, but they were able to conduct other business.
Next Thursday, April 16, the Planning Commission will hold a virtual meeting to address the issues listed on their agenda (click here to download). If this meeting goes as planned and business can be conducted successfully, a more robust agenda will be used for the May Planning Commission meeting on May 21.
Next Wednesday, April 15, the Shelby County Fiscal Court will review and amend their governance documents to allow for virtual public meetings. I’ll monitor those changes and update you next week and let you know if and when their Planning Commission will meet.
As another update – for those of you that filed the SBA EIDL application for the $10,000. Yesterday I was told that, while it was presented that you’d receive the $10,000 within three days most likely you will not. You will receive the $10,000 within three days after your application is reviewed. If you applied for that program please let me know. I will reach out to the SBA office next week to see if we can speed up the delivery of those funds. 
We are still working on several other issues including one related to notaries public and neighborhood meetings and will continue to update you if we make progress on those issues.
I do want to commend all of our members. This has been an incredibly trying time for multiple reasons. Not only are we trying to keep our families safe and healthy, we’re trying to keep our businesses and our employees safe and healthy and working as well. You’ve been asked to change several of your operating procedures and your scheduling and still deliver a product needed by the public in a reasonable amount of time. 
You’ve adapted to this new normal and you should be proud of that. 
Be safe out there and call me if you need anything.
Happy Easter,
Juva Barber
BIA of Greater Louisville
502 458 0032 – mobile
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