BIA COVID-19 Update | 3/27/2020

You’ve made it another week.
And a lot has happened. Congress passed major stimulus bills. The Kentucky General Assembly passed a COVID act. And our local governments are still working to review plans, issue permits, and perform inspections.
As we receive the summaries of the recently passed relief acts, we will pass those on to you. We will also send appropriate links and contact information so you’ll be able to access relief programs should you need to. We are also researching other information that you may need during these uncertain times including legal opinions, human resources, and accounting information. We will make that information available to you next week.
For those of you working in Shelby County, their County Judge Executive is working with the Triple S and the Planning Commission in an effort to hold some virtual or remote meetings. County Judge Executive Dan Ison will let us know when the final decision is made. We have asked other local governments to consider hosting virtual meetings as well. If we hear any decisions we will let you know.
I know you’re suffering some exhaustion from all of this. Know that we understand. We’re here to help you so call us if there is anything we can do.
As always, please do not hesitate to reach out. Try to have a good weekend and stay safe out there.
Juva Barber
BIA of Greater Louisville
502 458 0032 – mobile
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