5/8/2020 | BIA COVID-19 UPDATE

5/8/2020 – The Governor has provided several important dates for reopening Kentucky’s businesses. For your convenience we’ve listed them below. 
May 11 – Manufacturing, Construction, vehicle/vessel dealerships, office based businesses (50%), horse racing and dog grooming and boarding may resume. To view the industry specific requirements for construction, click here.
May 20 – Retail and Houses of worship may resume
May 22 – Restaurants, with limited 33% capacity and outdoor seating may open
May 25 – 10 person social gathering, barbers/salons/cosmetology may resume
June 1 – Movie theaters, fitness centers may open
June 11 – Campgrounds, public and private may open
June 15 – Child care, with reduced capacity; and potentially low-touch and outdoor youth sports may resume
All of these businesses, just like our industry, should follow the 10 rules of staying healthy at work and any additional industry guidance.
The Governor added yesterday that Phase 3 is coming July 1 with bars, with limitations, and gatherings up to 50 people allowed.
As a reminder, the Governor’s guidance states “Businesses should ensure employees wear appropriate face coverings at all times practicable.” There may be times and job duties on a construction site where wearing a mask is not practicable. The determination of “practicable” may have to be made on-site.  
I have reached out to Tim Martin, BIA’s legal counsel at Frost Brown Todd, for an additional recommendation. 
Mr. Martin’s response is below:
5/8/2020 – “I would recommend that BIA members advise their employees, temporary employees, contractors, vendors, customers, etc. that, in addition to the Minimum Requirements they have been following, they also intend to follow these new Requirements to the fullest extent possible and that they expect their employees, temporary employees, contractors, vendors, customers, etc. to do the same. This can be done through the distribution of a written statement by the BIA member advising its employees, temporary employees, contractors, vendors, customers, etc. that, effective May 11, 2020, in addition to the Minimum Requirements previously being follow the company intends to also follow the new Requirements, attaching a copy of the new Requirements, and that the company expects those individuals and business to also comply with the new Requirements.”
Additionally, we have been asked some HR questions. We’ve forwarded those to our legal team and will provide those updates as soon as we have them.
Be safe,
Juva Barber
BIA of Greater Louisville
502 458 0032 – mobile
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5/8/2020 – BIA of Greater Louisville