BIA Membership Offers Outstanding Opportunity

Contributing Author Stacy Smith Rogers

Perhaps you’re considering joining the BIA, perhaps you’re a new member — or perhaps you’ve enjoyed the prestige of some time but have yet to take advantage of all your benefits.  In any case, did you know that BIA Membership offers the opportunity to qualify for worker’s compensation insurance?

Did You Know?

• With a membership consisting of over 4,800 insured companies, the Kentucky Associated General Contractors Self Insurers’ Fund (AGCSIF or the Fund) is one of the largest providers of workers’ compensation in the state.
• The Fund is the only group self-insured fund in Kentucky to have an A.M. Best Company Rating – and has achieved that every year since 1998. Currently, the A.M. Best rating is A- “Excellent” with a Financial Size Category rating of VII indicating $50-$100 million in surplus.
• After five consecutive years in the Fund, a business becomes eligible to receive dividends should the Fund be returning dividends at that time. (Since 1994, and every year since, the Fund has returned dividends totaling $140 million.)

How Do You Join the Fund?

In order to access the Fund a company must be a member (or join within 30 days) in good standing at one of the seven trade associations in Kentucky – BIA is one of those associations.  Kentucky businesses may be eligible to be part of the Fund if they are related to the construction industry.

For more information, visit the Fund’s website at