BICF Building Playhouses for 3rd Straight Year

For the third year straight, HBAL’s Building Industry Charitable Foundation (BICF) is partnering with YouthBuild Louisville and Kosair Charities to provide two custom playhouses to deserving families.  They will be showcased at Homearama July 13-28 in Locust Creek and Rock Springs developments. The playhouse project offers BICF a vehicle to impact local families and partner with local organizations, while demonstrating the Louisville building industry’s commitment to the community.

This year, Michael O’Dea, Constructive LLC,  and Mike Isaac, Isaac Contracting & Design, will oversee construction of the projects. And, as many people know from recent years, these playhouses aren’t your everyday playhouses. While much smaller than their normal projects, they are actually quite involved, with the planning and coordination very similar to the home building process.  Because intricate details, electricity and plumbing are usually incorporated into the construction, the playhouses require the assistance of subcontractors who work closely with the YouthBuild participants. This year, especially, the students will get a true feel of what it’s like to build a house (albeit a small one) from start to finish.

Here are some sketches of the playhouses:

Mike Isaac:

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Michael O’Dea:

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