BIPAC-Supported Candidates

There have been many candidates supported by the Building Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC) of BIA Louisville for this year’s general election.  These candidates have been supported by BIPAC because they have exhibited their support of the Building Industry through their actions and in meetings with the BIPAC. Please strongly consider voting for these candidates on November 4:

Jefferson County Public School Board

Steph Horne

Jefferson County Clerk

Bobbie Holsclaw

Louisville Metro Council

Angela Leet – District 7

Bill Hollander – District 9

Kevin Kramer – District 11

Glen Stuckel – District 17

Bullitt County

Dennis Mitchell – Magistrate District 1

Brent Wheeler – Magistrate District 2

Joe E. Laswell – Magistrate District 3

Larry Hatfield – Shepherdsville City Council

Gaynell Eddington Rummage – Shepherdsville City Council

Bernard Brown – Shepherdsville City Council

Randy Hammond – Shepherdsville City Council

Barry Armstrong – Mount Washington City Mayor

Greg Gentry – Mount Washington City Council

Oldham County

Kevin Eldridge – Magistrate District 6

Shelby County

Danny Eades – Magistrate District 7

State Legislature

Paul Hornback – State Senate District 20 (Jefferson, Shelby, & Trimble Counties)

Ernie Harris – State Senate District 26 (Jefferson & Oldham Counties)

Julie Raque Adams – State Senate District 36 (Jefferson County)

Dan Seum – State Senate District 38 (Bullitt & Jefferson Counties)

Russell Webber – State Representatives District 26 (Bullitt County)

Steve Riggs – State Representative District 31 (Jefferson County)

Phil Moffett – State Representative District 32 (Jefferson County)

Ron Crimm – State Representative District 33 (Jefferson County)

Darryl T. Owens – State Representative District 43 (Jefferson County)

Larry Clark – State Representative District 46 (Jefferson County)

Bob M. DeWeese – State Representative District 48 (Jefferson County)

Linda Belcher – State Representative District 49 (Bullitt County)

Brad Montell – State Representative District 58 (Shelby & Spencer Counties)

David Osborne – State Representative District 59 (Jefferson & Oldham Counties)

For complete lists of elections in your area, visit these websites:

Bullitt County Clerk

Jefferson County Clerk

Oldham County Clerk

Shelby County Clerk

Spencer County Clerk