Playhouse Project – 2020

The Building Industry Charitable Foundation is pleased to bring you another year of our playhouse project. Our 2020 BICF Playhouse recipient is Jane. Due to the circumstances and the ongoing pandemic, Jane’s playhouse was built in her backyard, and she … Continue reading →

BIA COVID-19 UPDATE | 5/8/2020

The Governor has provided several important dates for reopening Kentucky’s businesses. For your convenience we’ve listed them below.    May 11 – Manufacturing, Construction, vehicle/vessel dealerships, office based businesses (50%), horse racing and dog grooming and boarding may resume. To view the … Continue reading →

BIA COVID-19 UPDATE | 5/5/2020

Governor Beshear released more details on reopening Kentucky businesses. There are minimum requirements for business that have been operating and will continue to operate and there are additional industry specific requirements that we must adhere to in order to continue … Continue reading →

BIA COVID-19 UPDATE | 5/1/2020

By now you’ve seen or heard the Governor’s 10 rules for reopening businesses this month. Several industries are allowed to reopen although it won’t be business as usual. The Governor’s Healthy at Work plan includes requirements such as social distancing, … Continue reading →

BIA COVID-19 UPDATE | 4/28/2020

Yesterday evening Governor Beshear detailed how the health care industry would reopen. The briefing provided important dates on when each phase of reopening and information on what was expected during each one of those phases.   He also provided information … Continue reading →

BIA COVID-19 UPDATE | 4/24/20

We have all been busy this past week working to adjust to this “new normal.” That takes a lot of time, a lot of energy, and a lot of financial resources. Finding masks, cleaning products, dealing with scheduling, and just … Continue reading →