1946 Society

Please consider the BICF when you are making your charitable contributions. Consider stepping up to membership in the 1946 Society. Please give back to the construction industry through membership in the 1946 Society. We are able to help more people in the community by combining our resources than doing so on an individual level.

Founders Club

Corporate: $5,000/year for 5 years
Individual: $500/year for 5 years

Presidents Club

Corporate: $2,500/year annually
Individual: $250/year annually

Thank you to these current 1946 Society Members:

Founders Club

Rob Eberenz Jr.

Chuck Kavanaugh

Perry Lyons

David Mikels

John Miranda

Bob Theineman Jr.

Presidents Club

Richard and Martha Bean

Pat Durham

Stephenie Horne

Corporate Donors

Kosair Charities


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