Codes and Standards

Reminder on Acceptable Side Slant on Sidewalks

According to federal ADA requirements, the acceptable side slant on sidewalks is 1/4 inch per foot for all subdivisions. This requirement is being strictly enforced in Metro Louisville and could affect whether builders are granted certificates of occupancy. Click here to review the acceptable standards document prepared by Louisville Metro Public Works.

Changes in Yellow Pine Lumber Grading

Builders should be aware of changes in the grading system of yellow pine lumber and are advised to consult the websites listed below to learn what design value changes have been proposed. This is especially important if builders purchase lumber in bulk and store it. HBAL lumber vendors are keeping abreast of the changes, however, builders are advised to be aware of how these changes could effect future projects.

      New Design Value Charts Memo written by the SPIB (March 8, 2013)

Effective April 1, 2013 LG&E responsible for installation of gas service piping lines

Beginning April 1, 2013 LG&E will be responsible for all plumbing tasks associated with all gas service piping upstream of the LG&E gas meter. This includes all gas service repairs, maintenance, installations, relocations, and replacements. LG&E’s customers will continue to be responsible for the installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of all piping (house piping) that extends downstream from the LG&E gas meter.

If you have questions about the LG&E customer’s new responsibilities for gas service, please download the gas handbook here.

CSST Gas Piping

LG&E is now requiring CSST gas piping have a direct ground system implemented. The reason for this is the possibility of explosions associated with lighting strikes. Jeff Carlisle, Donahauer Plumbing, said his company is using black iron instead of CSST gas piping.

Fire Sprinkler Issue

At the present time, fire sprinklers are NOT required in single family detached structures in the state of Kentucky.