December Oldham County Council Meeting

Denise Duncan (Sponsor), David Turner, (Sponsor-Carpet Specialist), Chad Turner (Sponsor), Matt Bullock, (Speaker-KY Transportation Cabinet), Jeremy Esposito (Chairman), Jerry Head (Sponsor-Crestwood Plumbing)

December 6, 2012

The council met at the John W Black Community Center to hear a presentation from Matt Bullock from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Jim Urban also assisted with questions. Matt spoke about the upcoming road improvements within Oldham County. One discussed was two separate projects that will be connected, the I-71 underpass and Allen Lane. 2015-2016 is when it is expected to be open to the public. Sometimes there are unforeseen obstacles that delay projects, such as appraisals. Utility relocation phases can also hold up the projects also with property owner deals.

You can read more information on the 6 year plan for Oldham County at

Powerpoint Presentation Download: Oldham Co. Projects Presentation by Matt Bullock (pdf download)

Our meeting sponsors were: Carpet Specialists, represented by David Turner and Crestwood Plumbing, represented by Jerry Head.

The Bank of Oldham County Cash Drawing Winners were:

  1. Rob Eberenz, Jr.
  2. Vicki Metzger
  3. Cindy Hack
  4. Rocco Pigneri
  5. John Miranda

Sponsored by: