February Oldham County Council Meeting

Speaker: Larry Disney Executive Director of Real Estate Appraisals
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Affordable Building Design, represented by Pat Stoehr
Farmers Bank of Milton, represented by Gary Hardy and Niel Bryan

Larry Disney opened his presentation by explaining that an appraisal report is simply a story about how the appraiser arrived at their estimation of a property’s value. Since it is subjective in nature, it is not uncommon to have vastly different opinions and conclusions. The past several years have caused issues within the appraisal industry. Significant rule changes, foreclosures, and wild fluctuations in home values are all complicating factors. Larry and his state agency exist to help mediate problems that exist. He encourages builders to share as much information about the unique value-contributing features of homes with appraisers. He urges that builders should particularly provide information about energy efficiency products and building techniques other homes – likely those being used as comparable properties – do not include. Despite what some may still believe, builders are allowed to talk to appraisers. Larry concluded that we must work together as an industry to fix economic conditions in order to improve market conditions on which appraisals are based. He’s willing to help and encouraged any person with a question or issue to call him. He even provided his cell phone number, which is 859-200-2912. http://kreab.ky.gov

The Bank of Oldham County Cash Drawing winners:

1. John Miranda

2. David Lurding

3. Sharon Shelton

4. Steph Horne

5. Kevin Passanissi