Final TMDL released for stream segments in Cox Creek

Below is a message sent from the KY Division of Water regarding the Cox Creek watershed in Bullitt, Nelson, and Spencer counties.

The Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Section of the Kentucky Division of Water has received final USEPA approval for nine bacteria (E. coli) TMDL segments located within the Cox Creek watershed in Nelson, Bullitt and Spencer counties.  The TMDL document ID is 51201.  The TMDL decision document is attached and the final TMDL document may be downloaded from the following website

During the public notice process, several comments were received and revisions made accordingly to the final TMDL document; responses were prepared and mailed to each individual/ agency participating in the public notice process.  A copy of the response to comments letter is attached.

As a reminder, the TMDL Section released a Watershed Health Report for Cox Creek in 2010 (  The Health Report provides a synopsis of the overall health of the watershed and highlights what is doing well, what needs improvement and what you can do as a resident in the watershed.

Looking to the future, the ultimate goal of the TMDL process is the restoration and maintenance of water quality in the waterbody so that designated uses (such as swimming and aquatic life) are met.  We hope you find these reports useful in understanding the current state of the Cox Creek watershed and guiding important decisions regarding land and facility management.

If you wish to receive information from KY Division of Water about other TMDL work being done within the Commonwealth, email to be added to a notification list.