Frequently Asked Questions about Association Name Change

The Home Builders Association of Louisville has officially change its name to the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville. This name change represents an exciting opportunity for members of the association, as well as the Association itself. Here are a few answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding this change.

Will the Association still be affiliated with the Home Builders Association of Kentucky (HBAK) and the National Assoication of Home Builders (NAHB) ?

Yes. Changing our name will not change, in any way, our affiliation with the State and National Associations. In fact, some associations in Kentucky and nearly 200 across the country are already called something other than a “home builders” association. There are several that refer to themselves as a Building Industry Association (BIA).

Will the logo change?

Yes. Although, the logo has not changed significantly because we heard from members that they wanted to keep it similar to the existing logo. The new logo remains to be an oval in shape and uses the same red color on the interior. The words around the outside of the red portion of the logo changed to read ‘Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville” and the image have been updated to include a commercial-style building in addition to the residential building.

Will the Registered Builder and Registered Remodelor programs remain?

Yes. The Registered Builder and Registered Remodelor programs are well-branded programs that are a sub-group of the Association. We have promoted these names with consumers for many years and will continue to do so in the future.

The only change that has occured is that the interior of the logos used by Registered Builders and Registered Remodelers have been updated to match the new interior image of the Association’s logo.

When will the new name be used exclusively?

The new name is now being used exclusively. The Name Change Celebration event will be hosted January 22, 2014. Click here to register for the event.


If you have any questions about the name change, please feel free to contact Chuck Kavanaugh or Tara Brinkmoeller by calling 429-6000.