Homearama 2016 – Awards of Excellence Winners

The Homearama 2016 Awards of Excellence Winners have been announced.

UPDATE (08-08-16):

Norton Commons – Concrete Awards
Craftsmanship- J.K Meredith (House #24, Meridian Construction)
Innovative- J.K. Meredith (House #24, Meridian Construction)

River Crest – Concrete Awards
Craftsmanship- Bryan Concrete (House #3, CDF Builders, Inc.)
Innovative- Bryan Concrete (House #3, CDF Builders, Inc.)

Here are the rest of the Awards of Excellence Winners:

Norton Commons
Ceramic, Tile, Marble- Mees Tile/ Sterling Tile
House #4 Castlebuilt Homes

Interior Lighting- Brechers
House #15, Simpson Builders, Inc

Interior Trim-LSC, Inc.
Paragon Homes, House #6

Kitchen Cabinetry-Century Cabinets/McDonald Marble & Stone
House #25, Burrus Architecture & Construction

Closet Design-Master Bedroom-Castlebuilt Homes
House #4, Castlebuilt Homes

Landscaping-Bowling Nursery
Burrus Architechture, House #25

River Crest
Ceramic/Tile/Marble- Lisa Lynn Designs
Dogwood Homes, House #1

Interior Lighting-Ferguson Lighting
Stoyell Built Homes, House #4

Interior Trim- S&K Trim, Mike Krebs
Jack Band Builders, House #5

Kitchen Cabinetry- M&H Custom Cabinetry
Stoyell Built Homes, House #4

Closet Design-Master Bedroom- Closets by Design
Stoyell Built Homes, House #4

Landscaping- M&J Landscaping
Dogwood Homes, House #8