Homearama Grand Awards Winners Announced

The Grand Award Winners of Homearama 2013 at Locust Creek and Rock Springs were announced today during the Homearama Awards Luncheon held at the Olmsted. The luncheon, sponsored by Boland Maloney Lumber, was attended by more than 200 builders, interior designers, and businesses affiliated with Homearama.

The Homearama Grand Award Winners were selected by the public who voted on site during their visit. Voting occurred at both Homearama locations and awards for Favorite Builder and Favorite Designer were presented for each neighborhood.

The public has spoken, and the winners were….

Locust Creek

Favorite Builder: 

1st place: House #3 Rob Eberenz Jr. – Rob Eberenz Jr. Builder, LLC

2nd place: House #8 Richard Miles- Landmark Custom Homes/Dogwood Homes

3rd place: House #2 Jim French- Jim French Builder Custom Homes & Remodeling

Favorite Designer:

1st place: House #8 Marsha Riggle- Tassels

2nd place: House #3 Margee Daugherty- Margaret Ann Designs and Janice M. Eberenz- Architectural Designs

3rd place: House #4 Lisa Lynn Knight, Darla Rissler, and Kim Miles – Lisa Lynn Design Services, LLC

 Rock Springs

 Favorite Builder:

1st place: House #3 Brandon & Rick Buttorff- The Buttorff Company, Inc.

2nd place: House #8 Jim, Dave, and Mark Ernst- Prestige Builders, Inc.

3rd place: House #6 Leo Thieneman Sr. & Leo Thieneman Jr. – Leo Thieneman & Sons LLC

Favorite Designer:

1st place: House #3 Karista Hannah- Set the Stage Interior Design and Lauren Harp- Lady of the House Interior Design

2nd place: House #6 Lisa Lynn Knight and Branson Batliner- Lisa Lynn Design Services LLC

3rd place: House #8 Ann M. Cloyd and Frankie Epperson- Century Entertainment & Furnishings

Congratulations to our winners and to all of our Registered Builder and Associate Builder & Remodeler members and the interior designers who participated in this year’s Homearama.

There are still four homes from Homearama 2013 at Rock Springs still available. All homes in Locust Creek sold prior to the start of Homearama. In Rock Springs four of the 10 homes sold prior to Homearama opening; two homes were sold during the event.