Homearama Spring Farm Lake is Gearing up for 2015

Homearama 2015 Spring Farm Lake is really shaping up! “The site is ready, roads are in, and permits are being pulled.  With four home sites already spoken for there are another four lots that are close to being selected and there are still another three to four builders reviewing lot options,” says Mike Jones, Signature Green Properties. There are many reasons to become involved with the 2015 Homearama, here are just a few:

  • River City Bank is offering special financing for builders. Call David Hobbs at 585-4600.
  • Signature Green Properties is offering a $5,000 lot discount on all lots contracted by December 31, 2014! Call Mike Jones at 777-9805.
  • The BIA will commit to $1,000 per month towards any builder’s interest payment for up to six months (following the closing date of Homearama) for any home that doesn’t sell by the end of the Homearama. The BIA feels that all homes will sell prior to the end and is willing to make this commitment on the interest payments.

We are extremely excited about this location and know that we will be producing another tremendous event for the community at the Spring Farm Lake site. Don’t miss your chance to be in front of thousands of consumers this July.

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