How well do you know your HBAL Staff?

By Stacy Smith Rogers, Grace Communications

HBAL staff offer assistance to members in a variety of ways. Many of them have long-standing careers with HBAL.  In addition to Executive Vice President Chuck Kavanaugh, the HBAL staff has nearly 150 years combined experience working on behalf of the local building industry.  In addition to their jobs here at the association, they have interesting hobbies and interests that complement their roles at HBAL.  How well do you know the HBAL staff?  What are they excited about in regarding to helping members in 2013? Take a glance, and find out …

Jan Andrew
Accounting Director

Jan has worked at HBAL for 22 years.  She handles all the money going in and out of the association, plus financial statements and payroll.  In her spare time, Jan plays the piano, organ and clarinet. She has three children.  Two of them are married with families of their own and the youngest is a freshman at the University of Louisville.  Jan is a member of the Madison Community Band, which she describes as her “therapy.”  In addition, she shares her gift of music by serving as her church’s organist.


Margie Brangers
Registered Builder Committee Director

Margie has worked at HBAL for 25 years.  Margie handles many responsibilities relating to HBAL builder and remodeler members, including continuing education, the Tour of Remodeled Homes and codes and standards.  However, her motto is “pays the same,” so when something needs to be done, Margie does it.  “In 2013, I’m looking forward to generating more excitement about the education program and working with remodelers in the Tour of Remodeled Homes,” she said.

Margie keeps busy spending time with her family, but she said if she gets the chance to live long enough to have time for a hobby, she won’t be joining any book clubs or learning how to knit.  Margie’s free time in the future might just be filled with flying lessons or learning how to sky dive. (Look out, above!) She and her husband, David, have been married for 23 years.  They have a son (Jeremy, 19) and a daughter (Haley, 16) and a dog, a cat and a rabbit.

Staff Liaison:  Registered Builder Committee, Codes & Standards, Remodelors Council, Education


Nicole Bouchard
Director of Member Services

Nicole has worked at HBAL a little over five years.  Her main focus is new membership and retention.  She currently facilitates the Annual Golf Outing and will oversee Table Top Night in 2014.  “In 2013, I am most excited that we are bringing on a new person to assist me with member services. I am also looking forward to another great year focused on recruitment and retention,” she said.

Nicole enjoys cooking, reading, traveling and admits to recording hours of televisions shows that she never has time to watch.  (That’s because she’s busy reliving childhood memories playing “Barbies” with her three-year-old daughter.)  She has been married to her husband, Joe, for 10 years. Along with their daughter, Morgan, they have two chocolate Labradors who are like children (Jake & Zoey). Nicole is a self-proclaimed coupon addict.  She admits to spending hours in the grocery store and says that she’s the lady you definitely don’t want to get behind in line!  Her New Year’s resolution is to continue on her journey to lose weight and to go to the gym with Joe three-to-four times a week.

Staff Liaison:  Membership Committee, Retention Committee, Shelby County Council and Oldham County Council, Sales & Marketing Council, Bullitt County Council and Associates Advisory Committee


Tara Brinkmoeller
Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications

Tara has been with the association for 3.5 years. Her role is to help manage the association’s brand and influence among a variety of audiences, including local politicians and community leaders, the business community, as well as the general public. She contributes, in a supportive role, to HBAL events that connect members to customers.  In addition, she manages the content and messaging presented in Louisville Builder magazine and other publications produced by the association, as well as online at She spends a significant amount of time working on behalf of members to ensure sound policy and regulations are enacted that will not hinder members’ abilities to conduct development, building and business at the local, state and national levels. She also helps manage the member services provided by HBAL. “I am excited about plans and discussions to grow and strengthen membership in a variety of new industry and demographic segments; promoting the association and its members during the many shows produced by HBAL; and fully implementing the many features of,” she said.

Tara enjoys going to theatrical productions, and although she doesn’t get the chance to focus on her own acting right now, she said she really enjoys being involved in the theatre. She has been married to her husband, Jason, for seven years.  They have two daughters, Hartley (4) and Ansley (almost 2).  Prior to finding her calling working for HBAL, Tara originally pursued a career path in higher education. (She holds a Master in Higher Education -Student Affairs.) She began her career in association work with the Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce, where she worked in governmental affairs and later in business and entrepreneurial development. Her New Year’s resolution in 2013 is to become more involved in the community and she plans to work hard to join the Board of Directors in a community organization, or at least position herself to do so in 2014.

Staff Liaison:  Advertising and Public Relations; Commercial Council; Technology Committee; Governmental Affairs Committee


Scott Dudgeon
Manager of Creative Services

Scott has been with HBAL for five years.  His primary role with the association is to design print products including the Louisville Builder, Homearama Plansbook, Greater Louisville Relocation Guide, etc. In addition, he updates the website and creates print ads, TV commercials and signage for HBAL events. He also edits and creates the visuals/graphics/animation for HBAL’s video products. “I am very excited about the possibilities of our updated website. My favorite part about every year is coming up with advertising ideas for our shows,” he said.

Scott says he loves to travel, hike and explore museums and loves blues music. (He’s also a self-proclaimed bad guitar player.) He’s seen Eric Clapton in concert seven times and has a few hundred of his songs downloaded on his iPod.  Scott hopes to make time in the future for his hobbies. He’s been married to his wife, Laura, for seven years.  They have a one-year-old daughter.

Staff Liaison: Technology, Advertising and PR Committees


Robin Durham
Administrative Director

Robin has worked at HBAL for 38 years, so she’s well-known among HBAL members.  She assists Chuck Kavanaugh in many ways, including with the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, the Building Industry Charitable Foundation and Land Development Committee.  In addition, she books travel arrangements for national directors attending national meetings.  “In 2013, I’m looking forward to focusing on assisting our our new Board of Directors and having Rocky Pusateri as Land Development Committee chairman again,” she said.

Robin has been married to her husband for 34 years.  They have one son.

Staff Liaison: Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Building Industry Charitable Foundation (BICF) and Land Development Committee


Jessica Embry
Manager of Shows and Events

Jessica has worked at HBAL for nine years.  She assists in the planning of Louisville’s two largest Home Show events – the Home Garden & Remodeling Show and Homearama.  She also manages the annual HIPAC Fundraiser.  She said she’s excited about 2013 for a variety of reasons, “There are some staff changes that will allow for me to focus more on my goals.  Also I have a great HIPAC chairman that I look forward to working with again.”

Jessica said she enjoys playing “Spades,” spending time with her family and eating at new restaurants.  She has been married to her husband, James, for 16 years.  They have a freshman in high school (Gabe), a first-grader (Moses) and a one-year-old (Mary Sophia).  Jessica said that members might be surprised to know that she loves to sing.  She used to be part of a community choir and would sing gospel and Christmas songs at nursing homes. She’s secretly always wanted to be a food critic.

Staff Liaison:  HIPAC, Home Garden & Remodeling Show and Homearama


Kimberly Greenwell
Account Executive 

Kimbertly has worked for HBAL for 1.5 years. As account executive, she helps members grow their businesses by providing them opportunities to market their services/products to members and customers. “I’m excited about the positive energy in the building industry in 2013. Building permits are up, which is great news for our builders and associates.  Consumers are spending money and are gaining a positive outlook on the future – all signs for a great 2013,” she elaborated.

Kimberly said she spends a good deal of time spoiling her niece and nephews, Austin, Maddie and Jackson. She enjoys spending time with friends and is resolving to slow down and enjoy more time with friends and family in 2013.  She has an 11-month-old puppy named Brody, which is a Morkie – a mix between a Yorkie and a Maltese. She said he is adorable and looks like a teddy bear, which works on his behalf since he’s a little on the mischievous side.  Kimberly’s family lives in Bardstown, where she served as a southern belle tour guide at My Old Kentucky Home during college.  She wore a gorgeous dress every day and described it as the perfect summer job. Kimberly said she loves going to the track and has co-hosted and produced Derby and Breeder’s Cup coverage for WJBC, a radio station 90 minutes outside of Chicago since 2008.

Staff Liaison:  Advertising/Public Relations Committee and the Sales and Marketing Council


Stephenie Hood
Director of First Impressions

Stephenie has most recently been with HBAL for two years, however, she adds another six years of experience, having served the association from 2002-08 as well.  With eight years total, she has answered literally thousands of phone calls at HBAL and helped many members find answers to their questions.  Stephenie enjoys reading and watching TV and says that she’s often a taxi for her sons.  She’s been married to her husband, Derek, for 17 years.  They have three boys: David, 14; Matthew, 12 and Andrew 10.


Melissa Mattingly
Senior Account Executive /Media Buyer

Melissa has worked for HBAL for three years.  She advises members on the best way to connect to their customers in her role as senior account executive. In addition, she also does the media planning and buying for the organization, including promotions for the Home Garden & Remodeling Show and Homearama. “I believe that this is going to be a fantastic year with an increase of business across the board for all of our members.

Melissa said she enjoys reading, biking, hiking and solving logic problems.  She is married and has a six-year-old son named Parker. Prior to pursuing her career in advertising, Melissa said she almost became a biologist.


Gail Schell
Vice President of Events and Operations

Gail has worked at HBAL for 21 years. She produces non-dues revenue consumer events for HBAL. “I’m excited for a better economic year for our members!  It seems as though things may be picking up slightly. With our events and the ability to connect members to customers, that will mean more business and a better year for all,” she said.

Gail’s hobbies including gardening and working in her yard, spending time with her family and taking walks (when it is not 100 degrees). She is a sports enthusiast and loves college basketball and professional football. Gail has been married to her husband, Jeremy, for 18 years, and they have one child, Zachary, age 10.  Gail and Jeremy actually met at the first Home Show she ever worked.  Zachary has grown up watching and helping his mom produce the shows and events for HBAL. Gail says that instead of people at the Show saying, “Hello,” many of them ask about where Zachary is. Gail coaches boys basketball at the grade school level (she coaches Zachary).  Originally, she was introduced to coaching boys when HBAL member Stan Logan asked her 10 years ago to help coach his sons. She also stays active participating in the American Lung Association’s Bike Trek.  For the last two years she has ridden more than 120 miles during the three-day event each year.  Ironic, considering Gail technically doesn’t even own a bike.

Staff Liaison:  Sales & Marketing Council, Associates Advisory Committee, Home, Garden & Remodeling Show and Homearama.