June Oldham County Council Meeting

The group met at the John W Black Community Center on June 25. It was a great turnout of Builders and Associates who wanted to hear Dr. Will Wells, Oldham County School Superintendent. Our sponsors were: Carpet Specialist represented by David Turner and Envoy Mortgage. Carpet Specialist gave away a company gift certificate to winner, Dan Perkins.
Dr. Wells spoke about the Oldham County Schools. Their vision is not focused on test scores but on critical thinking and problem solving. Giving the students the skills they need when graduating. They want the students to be good communicators, creative, innovative, good leaders and savvy with technology.
The Oldham County schools have 12,000 students and 1,700 employees. There is a budget deficit, partly from decreasing revenue from property valuations being down and state eliminated funding also.
Why are the schools being redistricted? Redistricting occurs when a school is closed, opened, or over capacity. Three things are happening:
1. Enrollment numbers are down
2. Liberty Elementary will be closing (90 year old building, unable to remodel)
3. Brownsboro Elementary will be postponed indefinitely.

The criteria for redistricting are:
1. Geography
2. Capacity
3. Projected enrollment

1. Traffic
2. Neighborhoods
3. School feeder alignment
4. Special programs

More information can be found at: www.oldham.kyschools.us/redistricting

Our next meeting is: September 26.