Keep your home and family safe during extreme cold

Temperatures are expected to drop to negative numbers later today and tomorrow. The extreme cold can be hard on your home. Here are some tips to keep your home and family  safe:

1. Be sure water hoses are disconnected and stored. Turn off the valves to outside water lines when possible to prevent freezing pipes.

2. Humidifiers can help keep moisture in the air inside your home, which will hheat keep the air in your home warmer.

3. Be sure the damper on your fireplace is closed when not in use. Warm air can escape from inside your home if left open.

4. Limit the use of exhaust fans during extreme cold to only times when they are necessary. Exhaust fans suck warm air out.

5. If power outages occur, remember that it is never safe to operate a gas stove or generator inside your home as a heat source.

If you experience any issues with your home systems and need to contact a professional during this extreme weather search Products and Services to find a company that is a member of the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville.