Kentucky Division of Water Soliciting Public Advisement on which steams to conduct next TMDL

Waters impaired by pollutants have been placed on Kentucky’s 303(d) list since 1990. There are approximately 2410 pollutant/waterbody combinations requiring TMDL development on the 2010 303(d) list.  Kentucky, like other states, is required to complete TMDLs for 303(d) listed waters within 13-15 years. Careful yearly planning is required to select waters for TMDL development, and to coordinate data collection efforts amongst different entities who may be working in the associated watersheds.

In order to accomplish this significant task, the TMDL Section in the Water Quality Branch of the Division of Water is soliciting requests for watersheds in which you would like us to focus TMDL development resources during the 2014 and 2015 monitoring years. We would like to focus our resources in those watersheds where there is a vested interest in improvements in water quality and where there is the potential for successful TMDL implementation.

Due to KY Division of Water’s limited staffing resources, please adhere to the following guidelines when developing your list:

  • The impaired segment(s) must be listed on the most recent version of the 303(d) List of Impaired Waters. The 2010 303(d) list can found here:  The impairment must be located on a stream segment. We currently do not have the resources for lake/pond monitoring.
  • The watershed size should be restricted to a Hydrologic Unit (HUC) 11 or less.
    Note: Larger watersheds are an option if they are located within a close traveling distance from either the Paducah Regional Office or the Frankfort Central Office.

Please provide a list of stream segments and/or watersheds that you would like for us to evaluate as potential candidates for TMDL monitoring and development by October 1, 2013.