Land Development

Chairman: Rocky Pusateri

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The Louisville metro area maintains an outstanding national reputation of providing beautifully designed developments at affordable prices, thus directly benefiting the whole community both aesthetically and economically. Safeguarding this reputation is the duty of the Land Development Committee, which meets regularly with government and utility leaders to discuss, evaluate and determine issues that could affect the housing industry’s ability to provide the best product at the lowest cost. The committee has assisted in implementing:

  1. Water service expansion by the Louisville Water Company.
  2. Sediment Erosion Policy developed by the Committee and adopted by the Board of the HBAL.
  3. Regular meetings with leaders of the Metropolitan Sewer District.
  4. Meetings with Louisville Gas & Electric to set policy on temporary service, and other installation issues.
  5. Regular meetings with the staff of the Jefferson County Planning Commission to determine policy regarding the Comprehensive Land Plan.

LG&E Links and Phone Numbers

When you visit our site, choose:
• New Residential Developments (Subdivisions and Multi-Family) – If you are developing a residential subdivision or multi-family units.

• New and Existing Electric-Residential and Commercial Sites – If you are building a single residence, upgrading electric utilities in an existing home or working with a commercial developer.

• New Commercial and Residential Gas Main Extensions – If you only need a natural gas main extension for residential OR commercial properties.

Once you have chosen the project type, enter the zip code for the property where you are building or upgrading.
The name and contact information for your dedicated LG&E resource for that particular project type and area will be displayed.
You can find a link to the LG&E Builder/Developer website on the Louisville Homebuilders Association website.

By Phone
If you prefer to call for assistance, the information below will ensure you reach the LG&E employee who can help you with your project:
For general information, project status updates and a directory of Design and Contract Services, call 502-333-1864.
For natural gas service connections over 500,000 BTUH to an existing main, contact 502-364-8275.

For natural gas service connections less than 500,000 BTUH to an existing main, call 502-627-3740.
To reach Dave French, LG&E’s Louisville Homebuilders Association representative, call 502-627-4783. Dave serves as the liaison between LG&E and the Louisville Homebuilders Association.

For issues related to Design and Engineering, contact:
• Jim Holderman – East Operations Center Team Leader – East of Bardstown Road – 502-333-1917
Jim’s group includes electric service locators, overhead/underground design group and contract coordinators.
• Mark Gaynor – Auburndale Operations Center Team Leader – West of Bardstown Road – 502-364-8228
Mark’s group includes electric service locators, gas design services and commercial/residential designers.
• Bob Rose – Manager, Engineering Design Services – 502-333-1818

We, at LG&E, recognize the value of a strong partnership and want to do whatever we can to ensure your project runs smoothly even before you put the first shovel in the ground.