Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund Releases First Funds for Affordable Housing

The Louisville Metro Affordable Housing Trust Fund, Inc. (LAHTF) provides financial assistance to organizations dedicated to addressing affordable housing needs of low-income individuals and families in Jefferson County.

The LAHTF is soliciting proposals for its Revolving Loan Fund, which will assist developers in rehabilitating vacant and/or abandoned properties for re-use by low-income people.

Organizations must meet specific guidelines developed by the Board of Directors, who are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Metro Council.  The LAHTF places high value on:

  • Projects that attract and leverage additional funds to make sure of limited affordable housing monies
  • Projects addressing the highest-priority needs of the community as documented in the LAHTF Needs Assessment, available for download here: http://goo.gl/yZ71X1
  • A strong commitment to serve the lowest-income groups with the funds
  • 100% repayment of the loan within three years or less

Both for-profit and non-profit organizations are eligible to apply.  The LAHTF does not provide direct financial assistance to individuals.  The application is available for download at louisvilleky.gov/LAHTF.

Proposals and application fees must be delivered no later than 5 pm November 11, 2013 to:

Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund

1469 South Fourth Street, 3rd Floor

Louisville, KY 40208

Attention:  Rachel Hurst, Executive Director, info@louisvilleahtf.org

 Questions may be directed to Rachel Hurst, Executive Director, at 502-637-5372 or info@louisvilleahtf.org.

Funding is provided, in part, by Kentucky’s national mortgage settlement funds through Louisville Metro Department of Community Services and Revitalization, and by PNC Foundation.

“91,999 Louisville families live in unaffordable housing in Louisville – the equivalent of filling the YUM! Center to capacity more than four times over.  While we have a limited amount of funds, the LAHTF’s investment will allow us to begin to address this crisis,” said LAHTF Board President Kevin Dunlap.