March Bullitt County Council Recap

The Bullitt County Council met at Kettle Creek in Mt. Washington on March 28 and welcomed speakers Steve and Heather French Henry. Century Mortgage Company sponsored the meeting, represented by Montrell Bross. Bross updated the group on the improving housing market and optimistic changes to loan products.

Council Chairman George Miller introduced several local officials that attended the meeting including Melanie Roberts, Bullitt County Judge Executive; Joetta Calhoun, Mayor of Mt. Washington; and Bob Hunt, Bullitt County Magistrate District 2.

Steve Henry, an orthopedic surgeon and former Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky, is one of the cofounders of the Future Fund Land Trust, established with the goal of obtaining 10,000 acres to dedicate to conservation such as parks throughout Louisville and surrounding counties. It is currently the largest urban park project in America. While some of the biggest draws for this type of conservation include residents’ desire to live near a park and preserving clean air and water, the organization’s leadership also hopes to include leisure activities such as horse trails, zip lines and other recreation. Steve’s wife Heather was also present to discuss the goal of having a living tree memorial for veterans in the conservation area. Aside from serving as a way to honor our veterans, the memorial will be helpful in creating a sense of community amongst residents and in generating cross-generational communication. We appreciate the Henrys coming out to make this presentation.

Our next meeting will be held in May.

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