March Shelby County Council Meeting

The council met at Claudia Sanders to hear speaker, Clay Cottongim, Director of Parks & Recreation for the Shelby County Parks. Clay has worked diligently over 12 years to secure the funds and oversee the construction of a new 40,000 plus sq. ft. Family Activity Center at a cost of $5.6 million. He oversees 15 full-time and as many as 250 part-time and seasonal employees as well as over 250 acres of parkland and facilities. The parks operate with a $2.8 million budget which 70% is derived through fees and charges. Clay said the goal is to secure more land around Clear Creek Park to add dog parks, nature trails, nature center, sports fields and courts. They are also working on the Shelby Trails Park, which is 400 acres. It features, premier equestrian nature parks, stables available to lease, and 20 miles of trails. There is also an RV campground with accommodations for horse trailers coming in the future and primitive camping spots. These areas a

Also present was Walt Wilson from the Shelby County High School with five members of the Jr. Home Builders group. They spoke about their trip to IBS to compete and their win of 5th place.

Our next meeting is: April 24 at Persimmon Ridge, speaker is: Scotty Davenport.

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