Mayor Fischer explains “LIFT” Program to Board, Gov. Affairs Committee

Earlier this week Mayor Fischer met with members of the Home Builders Association of Louisville Board of Directors and Governmental Affairs Committee to discuss the Local Option Sales Tax which he and other city leaders in the state are working toward. Mayor Fischer refers to the program as “LIFT”, Local Investments for Transformation and says that this option “gives cities and counties an essential tool to make the investments needed to create opportunities, foster quality of place, remain competitive, and secure our future for generations to come.”

State legislators will need to amend the Kentucky Constitution, which will take the support of 60 members of the State House, and 23 members of the State Senate, as well as the passage of a statewide referendum. Once the enabling legislation is written, cities would have the ability to exercise “home rule” and identify projects, the amount of tax, and for how long the tax would be implemented, which would be placed on a ballot by Metro Council and ¬†voted on by residents.

Presently the Mayor is working with Mayor Gray from Lexington and the County Judge Executives from Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties in Northern Kentucky to begin the work to educate members of the State Legislature about the need for a local option sales tax. HBAL is going to remain engaged in this process and will continue to speak with the Board of Directors about our future engagement. Please take the time to read about “LIFT” and contact Chuck Kavanaugh or Tara Brinkmoeller if you have any questions.