MSD Post-Construction Stormwater Policy goes into effect August 1

Beginning August 1, 2013, an executed Stormwater Quality Maintenance Agreement must be submitted with permit application for all new plan submittals, along with a Best Management Practices (BMP) Maintenance Plan. According to MSD, a schedule of submittal requirements for each type of application and plan required is outlined in the MSD Design Manual. Plans must be stamped by a professional engineer licensed in the Commonwealth of Kentucky prior to approval.

Long-term self-inspections are required to ensure that the BMPs are functioning according to permit. Those self-inspections must be performed and documented consistent with the requirements of the Kentucky Division of Water in KPDES MS4 permit KYS000001. The landowner or person defined in the Stormwater Quality Maintenance Agreement must utilize a QPCI who has been registered with MSD prior to performing or overseeing those activities.

For More Information …
A copy of the MS4 Permit, including details on the requirements related to the first 0.6 inch rainfall, may be viewed or downloaded by clicking here.

Additional information on the MS4 Program including Annual Reports and Planning Documents may be found on MSD’s website.


Land Development Meeting – August 7 at 10 AM – Meeting dedicated to RESIDENTIAL application of the Post-Construction Stormwater Policy and show examples of green BMPs that can be employed to comply with the rule.

Commercial Council Quarterly Meeting  – August 29 at 8:30 AM  – Meeting dedicated to the COMMERCIAL application of the Post-Construction Stormwater Policy and show examples of green BMPs that can be employed to comply with the rule.