New ADA Sidewalk Standards

This notice comes from the Land Development Committee Chairman Rocky Pusateri. 

The following changes are soon to take place with regards to pedestrian travel:
Cross slope of 2 percent- this is 1/4″ per foot or 1″ in the 4′ wide walk. We think this is too flat but it is federal law. Going forward we will be working with the engineering and public works folks to not have to have sidewalks on high side lots where this would be unattainable without a lot of garage to house steps.

The grade of the sidewalk can be the same as the grade of the street.

We are continuing to work with Metro on a transition team to ease into the standards that are required by federal law. Please educate your concrete flatwork contractor as to the new rules. Soon sidewalks will be inspected as part of the certificate of occupancy process.

Click here to view the document created by Louisville Metro Public Works which outlines the new sidewalk ADA-compliance standards.