Realtors Open House Guidelines | 5/27/2020

Realtor Open House

It was announced at last Thursday’s Kentucky Real Estate Commission meeting that Realtor Open Houses could resume on a limited basis starting Friday – May 22.  These requirements mean adhering to the newest Healthy at Work Memorandum guidelines Kentucky has produced for all businesses who are re-opening, the recommendations for groups/social gatherings of 10 and those coming from the Kentucky Department of Public Health.  Kentucky’s Covid-19 – Team Kentucky page has the newest KDHP guidance on the use of face coverings. The KREC reported that this guidance will eventually be found by going to their website as well:  KREC Website  

The KREC Director did recommend that those who plan to hold open houses be aware of any potential legal liability and make sure there is approval of ALL parties involved. 

I’m a Realtor. May I continue/resume operations? (please see full memorandum HERE)
Yes. Real estate agents may continue to perform tasks related to their professions; however, some standard practices may need to change. Realtor Open Houses are permitted with groups of up to ten (10) people provided that 1) these Open Houses comply with both the “minimum requirements” and “guidance for gatherings of up to ten people” attached to this Memorandum, and 2) all parties agree that they are amenable to having a Realtor Open House. House showings may continue provided that social distancing is implemented. With regard to other tasks, if you are able to complete the task while implementing social distancing, it is permitted to continue. If you cannot effectively implement social distancing, or you are feeling ill, you must not perform the task. Your offices may reopen pursuant to the terms for guidance for office based businesses, provided that this guidance is strictly followed. Telework and remote work, as well as virtual showings, are still strongly encouraged.

KY’s latest COVID-19 information: 

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