BIA COVID-19 Update | 4/6/2020

BIA members,   I wanted to make you aware of the email I received this morning from “THE WHISTLEBLOWER” about the use of portable restrooms and concrete work. Please note, I do not know who this individual is.   From: mark … Continue reading →

BIA COVID-19 Afternoon Update | 4/3/2020

We are privileged.   We are privileged that “construction or maintenance of residential, commercial, or governmental structures, including but not limited to plumbers, electricians, exterminators, cleaning and janitorial staff, security staff, operating engineers, HVAC, painting, landscaping, moving and relocation services, necessary for … Continue reading →

BIA COVID-19 Afternoon Update | 4/1/2020

  There are a lot of questions out there right now about everything. I get questions daily about employee issues, questions about traveling across the state lines, and general questions about social distancing requirements on the job sites. And I’m … Continue reading →

The NAHB Encourages Everyone to Donate N95 Masks

The NAHB encourages everyone to donate N95 masks. See details below: 

Jobsite Safety and Recordkeeping Guidance for Coronavirus

The Construction Industry Safety Coalition has provided a detailed plan to outline the steps that every employer and employee can take to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Follow the link below:

BIA COVID-19 Update | 3/27/2020

You’ve made it another week.   And a lot has happened. Congress passed major stimulus bills. The Kentucky General Assembly passed a COVID act. And our local governments are still working to review plans, issue permits, and perform inspections.   … Continue reading →

BIA COVID-19 Update | 3/26/2020

Listening to all these daily press conferences can be quite depressing. It’s as if each day we lose one more small liberty that we didn’t even know we enjoyed until we were told we couldn’t do it anymore. Today, Louisville … Continue reading →