November Bullitt County Council Meeting

Bullitt Co. Judge Executive Melanie Roberts, Denise Duncan of Carpet Specialists, Chad Turner of Carpet Specialists, Bullitt Co. Chairman George Miller, Tim French of Salt River Electric, Terri Turner of Carpet Specialists and David Turner of Carpet Specialists.

Date: 11/8/12
Place: Paroquet Springs Conference Centre
Sponsor:  Carpet Specialist

Guest speakers:
Tim French Salt River Electric Training Safety Coordinator & Roanne Hammond Bullitt Co Planning & Zoning Director

Highlights of talk: Roanne Hammond said Bullitt Co was working on a new comprehensive plan.  She said the local cities will have change to review the plan.  Bullitt Co Planning and Zoning planned to hold workshops to keep everyone in the loop.  She said the fiscal court was responsible for funding the plan.  She encouraged the cities to assist in funding the plan.  Judge Executive Melanie Roberts said they really needed the 8 cities financial support of the planning and zoning office.  Judge Roberts said she would like to hire a land use planner and fiscal court has the funding to hire someone.  Greg Gentry said it was important to have city involvement in the plan and he asked for a meeting to be held with the city representatives to discuss it in more detail.  Derek Smothers asked what the status of the Valley View rezoning.  Roanne Hammond said there was nothing going on with it.  She said she has not heard from their attorney.  Mr. Smothers asked about the potential of annexing that property.  Shepherdsville City Councilman Bernie Brown said that would have to be taken up with the City of Shepherdsville and there had not been any discussion at this time regarding annexing the property.

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