Save $10,000 to $80,000 by making your next home a Homearama home at Shakes Run!

Consumers interested in building a newly built home at this time should strongly consider building a home to be in Homearama 2014 at Shakes Run. Homearama homes can offer customers more value than other newly built homes.

Buyers who choose to make their next home a Homearama home can receive the benefits of substantial upgrades to rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and entertainment spaces, at a fraction of the cost! One can literally save $10,000 to $80,000 by building a Homearama home versus building the same home with the high-end finishes outside of the home showcase event.

According to builder/developer Rocky Pusateri, Elite Homes, Inc., “People have told us that owning a Homearama home does add significant value.” As Pusateri explains, “most of the vendors like to feature new and upgraded product in the homes and consider it advertising dollars. Our customers get the free upgrade.” Pusateri suggested that if someone is serious about building a home soon they would be very wise in investigating a Homearama house. “In the future Louisvillians will always remember that the street was a Homearama site and therefore, the value on resale is always more. Plus, the owners have the pride for their home that goes with such a spectacular show,” he added.

Buyers in the market for a newly built home in eastern Jefferson County should consider the beautiful Homearama 2014 site at Shakes Run. This specific site within the development offers beautiful amenities. Each lot on the site backs up to preserved wooded area. The site will also be built using green infrastructure, which means that traditional storm sewers will not be installed, rather beautifully designed and planted areas will be installed to manage the run-off of storm water. These features will be both functional and a natural-looking amenity for homeowners to enjoy.

There are still sites available to build on now to be part of the Louisville tradition that is Homearama. If a buyer works with a Registered Builder to start the building process by February 2014 the home can be part of the annual event. To find a Registered Builder to build your Homearama home at Shakes Run, go to