Senate Leadership attends event at HBAL Office

The Home Builders Association of Louisville welcomed State Senate President Robert Stivers, Majority Caucus Chairman Sen. Dan Seum and Majority Whip Sen. Brandon Smith to an event held at the Association office on January 16th. There were more than 100 representatives of the residential and commercial building industry in attendance, as well as several local elected officials.

Senate President Robert Stivers spoke about his new role and vision for this legislative session. He stated that Pension Reform will be of utmost priority and impressed upon the audience the importance of passing this reform this year. Sen. Seum spoke about the new Senate Leadership and said that he believed Senate President Stivers will be an excellent leader. He noted the strength of the Majority party in the Senate, with 24 members in total, but made a point to express their desire to work collaboratively with the minority leadership. Sen. Seum shared that there have already been joint meetings of the majority and minority leaderships and that he believes Sen. Stivers will cultivate a positive working relationship among the parties in the Senate.

The Home Builders Association of Louisville would like to thank the members of the State Senate Leadership and the many local elected officials who attended the event.