Homearama Member Tickets


Attention BIA Members:

Homearama Spring Farm Lake is July 11-26 and this year’s site is something you certainly do not want to miss out on.  As a BIA member you are able to purchase Homearama tickets at a discount of 50% off – and now until June 17th if you purchase 30 tickets you can earn 10 free!

Homearama tickets are a great way to reward current customers, encourage potential new customers, and always serve as terrific benefit to share with employees, friends and family.

 So be sure to act NOW – and ORDER NOW!

For every 30 tickets purchased by Wednesday, June 17th you will get 10 tickets free.  ORDER NOW!  Click HERE for the ticket order form or simply e-mail Gail@BIALouisville.com & charge to your BIA account.