Home Showcase: Rock Springs


Homearama – Rock Springs 2013 

Home #1: Brighton Manor
by Daryl Hardy, Hardy Builder, LLC

Home #2: Paisley Grace
by Clifford & Pete Thieneman, Clifford Thieneman Co. LLC

Home #3: Grand Chase Cottage
by Rick & Brandon Buttorff, The Buttorff Company, Inc.

Home #4: Artisan
by Pat Thieneman Seitz, Thieneman Seitz Construction, LLC

Home #5: Stanwick
by Scott Yates, Paragon Homes, Inc.

Home #6: Havre de Grace
by Leo Thieneman & Leo Thieneman Jr., Leo Thieneman & Sons, LLC

Home #7: Blue 42 Bayou
by Joe Kroll & Dan Swigart, Mastercraft Homes, LLC

Home #8: The Coventryby James, David & Mark Ernst, Prestige Builders, Inc.

Home #9: Di Lussoby Chris Osborne, Deville Homes, Inc.

Home #10: The Belmontby James, David & Mark Ernst, Prestige Builders, Inc.