Tour Homes

These homes are from the 2017 Tour. Check back closer to the next show for a list of 2018 homes.

Home 1: Chris Eldridge, Eldridge Company
Project Address: 2116 Eastern Parkway, Louisville, KY 40204

Home 2: Brent Jones, GreatHouse Inc.
Project Address: 2319 Village Drive, Louisville, KY 40205

Home 3: Joe French, Louisville Handyman & Remodeling
Project Address: 1958 Gardiner Lane, Louisville, KY 40205

Home 4: Jeff Smith, Redsmith Construction LLC
Project Address: 2555 Woodbourne Avenue, Louisville, KY 40205

Home 5: Bill Wilkinson, Wilkinson Builders
Project Address: 560 Sunnyside Drive, Louisville, KY 40206

Home 6: Ben Tyler, Ben Tyler Building & Remodeling Inc.
Project Address: 2107 Croghan Cross, Louisville, KY 40207

Home 7: Brandon Bailey and Jon Steimel, Bailey Remodeling & Construction, LLC
Project Address: 6108 Rodes Lane, Louisville, KY 40222

Home 8: Justin McElfish, Castlerock Construction, Inc.
Project Address: 11705 Owl Creek Lane, Anchorage, KY 40223

Home 9: Karen McKechnie, Stonehenge Construction LLC & Sons
Project Address: 2200 Homewood Drive, Anchorage, KY 40223

Home 10: Penny Love, Design Innovations
Project Address: 2801 Mayo Lane, Prospect, KY 40059

Home 11: Steve Hartung, Java Construction LLC
Project Address: 4006 Maplehurst Drive, Crestwood, KY 40014