NAHB Safety Guide

UPDATED NAHB SAFETY GUIDE – The Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC) has published important updates to its guidance for construction employers, employees and contractors on coronavirus NAHB Safety Guideexposure prevention, preparedness and response. NAHB is a key member of CISC.

The Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Plan for Construction describes how to prevent worker exposure to coronavirus, protective measures to be taken on the job site, personal protective equipment and work practice controls to be used, cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and what to do if a worker becomes sick. The plan served as the basis for materials provided for the COVID-19 Job Site Safety Stand Down held April 16.

The updated NAHB Safety Guide in Version 2 of the plan include some significant changes and additions as more data have become available on the spread of COVID-19, including:

  • New guidance on the use of face coverings, including masks and cloth coverings (bandanas, etc.)
  • A new section, Guidance for Critical Infrastructure Employers, based on new CDC guidance
  • Specific procedures for screening and allowing visitors onto job sites
  • An appendix on the procedures for monitoring the temperature of workers, including next steps if a high fever is found
  • Additional guidance on ride sharing, and the use of common drinking and eating sources
  • And much more

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