What Buyers Want in a Home Webinar from NAHB

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NSMC Webinar Shows What Your Members’ Next Buyers Want in a Home
 Today’s tech-savvy buyers are looking for specific types of homes with specific features. Successful builders make it their mission to understand their target demographic and the importance of implementing programs to reach these buyers. Builders are also doing the research to make sure they build the right homes with the features their buyers can’t resist.
On Thursday, Dec. 13 at 2:00 p.m. ET Paul Cardis, founder of Avid Ratings, will explain:

  • What today’s buyer wants in a new home
  • Where to find buyers
  • How to engage buyers online
  • How to generate business through social networks and search engines

AVID Ratings is a leading full-service customer loyalty management firm – providing enterprise-level surveys, organizational strategies, employee training, and proprietary solutions that increase profitability and help builders create their own avid home buyers. Cardis’s goal is to help home builders measure, understand, and change their organizations to improve customer delight and increase company profitability.

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