You Could Own a Homearama 2012 Home

Buyers who want all the bells and whistles in a home might consider purchasing a home to be showcased in Homearama 2012 at Rock Springs and Shakes Run. Seven homes are currently being built as speculative homes and are available for purchase. If you purchase now before the Show you will likely still be able to add your personal touch and style to the interior finishes. A Homearama home offers buyers many extras that typically come at a discount, plus you get a tremendous resale marketing advantage by saying that your home was featured in the annual home show. Contact RJ Thieneman Company at 491-4645 if you’re interested in the Homearama homes in Rock Springs and Canfield Development Company at 245-4427 if you are interested in the Shakes Run Homearama homes.

For more information about Homearama 2012 at Rock Springs and Shakes Run, July 14-29th, visit